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Week 5 of project

Okay, so I know it isn’t sunday, but I’ve been experiencing some problems with my blog and I’m still in the process of trying to migrate it from wordpress.com to my own hosting. The look of the blog will also be changing along the way (maybe even few times, before I find the one that is just right) so I thank you for your patience while I figure things out.

But lets get down to business. So the previous week was already week 5, which is bit of a scary thought. The week started with a personal tutorial during which I was guided to look for an example of few examples that I could really draw inspiration from. Something that could really ground and exemplify whatI want to achieve. So the rest of my week was divided between the hunt for an example and more academic research into behavioural economics.

This weeks board then gathers few things that I found along my search that I think might be useful. And believe me it wasn’t an easy choice on what to include. There are several aspects I wanted to include, but there just simply wasn’t space for all of them. Some of them I couldn’t even capture (silly iPhone is giving me problems with screen capturing certain things). I still quite haven’t really found that single example that I could use as a grounding pillar for my project, but that just means that the hunt must continue this week as well.

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Apps included on the board:

Day One





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Week 3 of project

It’s Sunday and yes you guessed it: the week has once again whizzed by. I’ve dedicated most of this week to desk research looking into the fascinating area of behavioral economics. For those of you less familiar with this topic, in a nutshell it’s the study of what kind of behavioural aspects, social, cognitive or emotional,  influence our economic decisions. And no, I haven’t suddenly turned into an economist. These are important aspects that will help me understand better why and how behave in a certain way. For example: why they choose one service over the other, how to guide them through an application and what motivates people to do certain things. All of these aspects are highly applicable in the field of interaction design.

As is now a tradition (yes, the third time can already be called a tradition) I’ve made another inspiration board. This time outlaying the books I’ve been reading this week and for each book one quote that I thought somehow reflects the contents.

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And here are links to the Google books page for each book:

Advances in Behavioral Economics edited by Colin F. Camerer, George Loewenstein and Matthew Rabin

Behavioral Economics and its applications edited by Peret Diamond and Hannu Vartiainen

Drive: the surprising truth about what motivates us by Daniel H. Pink

Seductive Interaction Design: Creating playful, fun and effective user experiences by Stephen P. Anderson

What the dog saw: and other adventures by Malcolm Gladwell