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For the past two days I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the things I want to do in relation to the time I have (and I have to say, the ratio isn’t looking good). To start doing this yesterday me and one of my peers, the ever so talented Virginia Vila, did three exercises that came together to form a plan on how to tackle our projects.

The first thing we did, as you might expect when performing time management exercises, was a calendar. The idea for this calendar came from a blog post by Fast Co.Design on the benefits of having a linear calendar. Essentially the post describes linear calendars as a very effective way to help people focus over a longer time scale, a very important aspect in our projects. So we made our own version, marking down dates relevant to the project on it.

The linear calendar being born

The second part of this exercise was about creating a pool of design tools that we could refer to during the project. We basically jotted down all the ones we have used in the past or would have liked to use and then complimented these with couple of extra ones from the IDEO method cards. After getting them all down we performed a little bit of affinity diagramming magic and sorted them out into groups that we felt made most sense.

Searching for methods

Then on to the third stage. This was about creating a structure that can work as a reference point to guide us through the process. Thinking about the journey as a whole, what needs to be included, how long to spent on each part and in what order to perform them. Here, we were lucky enough to get valuable input from Lauren Currie (Director of Snook, she is also known online as Redjotter) who was quite conveniently at the university giving a master class to the Master of Design for Services students. She was kind enough to give her input on how she sees the design process as well as give us some more specific pointers on how to get the best out of our final year.

I have to say I throughly enjoyed the process of making this physical map, actually doing something, not just talking about it. I feel like having a physical board will really help to me keep track of things. This has gotten me throughly excited for the project and I really can’t wait to see what the journey will have in store for me.

One of the method clusters

The board and a peek of the view from our studio

Author: mirakirvesmaki

I'm an honours year student documenting the journey towards a BSc (hons) in Digital Interaction Design (Dundee University).

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