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Inspirations: notfound.org

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For inspiration in the domain of doing good I present: notfound.org

Notfound.org is a project that aims to make better use of the 404 pages on websites. The idea is that people can sign up their websites to become part of the cause. If they do then all the 404 pages on their website will display an image of a missing child. Posting photos of missing children is the most effective way to find them and now anyone with a website can contribute in a small way.

I love this idea as it allows people to do good but in a way that is doable by companies and individuals alike. It does not actually effect the website as such as it will only appear on a 404 “page not found” but if enough websites sign up for it, it could actually make a difference in getting the images to a bigger audience. I like the simplicity of the idea as well as the connection they have made between their cause and an already existing platform. They are repurposing something that is currently underused and essentially only asking people to give something that they aren’t (in most cases) currently using anyway. 

Here is a video that allows the people behind notfound.org explain their concept:

Author: mirakirvesmaki

I'm an honours year student documenting the journey towards a BSc (hons) in Digital Interaction Design (Dundee University).

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