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Looking for visual language

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This weeks tutorial was about starting to look into finding our visual language. As I’m not yet at a stage where i could actually make informed decisions about what kind of visual language I want to use I started to look into few styles that I admire and think might be useful in the project.

As you might have picked up previously I’m a big fan of Pinterest and so to keep up my love affair I started my search there. Instead of looking for a specific visual style I decided to go through a myrriad of choices and pick out the ones that somehow appealed to me. I then put all these together and started looking for commonalities amongst them. I ended up putting together three boards that  represented something that I was particularly attracted to.

The first board shares the use of stricking geometry and bold colours. They use simple shapes to build something more complex.

Board 1

The second board mixes bold images and beautiful typography. I feel this combo is one of the best ways to get across a simple message.

Board 2

The third board might lean more on tone of voice side than actual visual language. But as the two of them are so interconnected I decided to include this here as well. I believe that a hint of playfulness can go a long way in making people really connect to what you are presenting them with. It can really break barriers and makes it all a bit more fun.

Board 3

The sources for all the images can be found on my Pinterest board.

Author: mirakirvesmaki

I'm an honours year student documenting the journey towards a BSc (hons) in Digital Interaction Design (Dundee University).

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