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Sneak peek: Twabble

I am currenly working in a team of 5 to create an interactive prototype of a really exciting iOS app called Twabble.

First meeting

Twabble is an interactive learning tool that allows users to get familiar with the basic functions of Twitter. The learning is done through both interactive, step-by-step tutorials  and more static explanations of the Twitter vocabulary. Twabble aims to create a safe environment for users to learn while familiarizing themselves with the real Twitter application. The Twabble tutorials will be overlaid on top of the existing Twitter iPad application and can eventually be turned off when the user becomes more confident in using the social networking tool.

To make this project reality we will be using HMTL5 in conjunction with PhoneGap which will allow us to prototype a native iPad application. We have few weeks to create an initial working prototype and then another few weeks to fine tune it.

I am extremely excited about this project and can’t wait to see how it will turn out. I will get back with further updates as the project progresses.



//Edited 16/03 Why are peak and peek so similar? I always second guess myself and end up with the wrong one. Apologies.

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Finished project: MemoryCatcher

This is an overview of a project I did for my Digital Interaction Design module. It’s aim was to design an mobile application for a specific grandperson. I picked my grandmother and interviewed her over the christmas period. Based on that interview I came up with the idea for MemoryCatcher.


The logo

MemoryCatcher is an iPad application designed for my grandmother Seija. It provides a new, richer way of staying in touch with her friends and family by allowing them to send photos directly to the app.  Seija can then curate these photos by choosing which ones she would like to keep, put them in albums and add captions and decorations to them. The final pieces can then be shared with others or left to circle through on the iPad as a slideshow.

The main purpose of the application is to provide Seija with a new pastime activity that incorporates her already existing skills and interests. She is amazing in crafts and loves keepsakes and souvenirs, so the app allows her to digitally scrapbook the photos that are sent to her. Through the application some of her other problems, those of isolation and loneliness, are also addressed as her close circle of friends and family can keep her updated through the photos they send.

screenshot mockup

Screenshot mockup

The application can be used as an active pastime that offers Seija a creative way to store photos but it also offers a more passive function. It can be used as a slideshow that the iPad can run while not in use. The final scrapbooks also work as conversation pieces complimenting the already existing means of communication. Seija currenly keeps in touch with her close circle of friends and family through phone calls. The MemoryCatcher aims, not to replace, but to compliment this.

Many of the features of the application have been designed around the fact that my grandmother has not previously used touch screen devices or any kind of mobile technology. This means that help is provided by the application at all stages, the underlying structure has been made very clear and that great consideration was put into providing visual clues that help her form an appropriate mental model of how the MemoryCatcher works. Examples of these include visual maps of the steps included in a task, remainders of decisions made and metaphors like the corner of a paper turned to present the idea of previous pages.

The project was only taken to ideation stage and has just finished with the final presentation last week.

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Drawing challenge

Okay, so it seems like I’ve really been in the mood to challenge myself to do new things. This one is trying to get me more confident with my drawing. This is inspired by the February Drawing Challenge that was done, amongst others, by the lovely Kirsty Joan. What I will try to do is to draw a doodle/drawing a day, hopefully at least for the month of March but I don’t really have a specific time to commit to. What I’m mostly looking for is getting into the habit of drawing things and maybe even improving my skills along the way. At the moment I am not very confident in my drawing skills and don’t do it nearly as much as I should.

So here it is drawing of day 1 of my little challenge i like to call “Shut up and just draw” (this comes from the fact that I usually use my poor drawing skills as an excuse to get out of any public drawing that might be required).

Drawing number 1 (from the morning lecture)

Well, I kind of got excited about the start of the challenge so I cheated a bit and drew another one.

Drawing number 2 (view from the afternoon lecture theater)

Just to make it official: I here by  solemnly swear to draw at least once a day. For at least a month. And to stop using my bad drawing skills as an excuse. To shut up and just draw.

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Open your eyes (challenge)

I gave today myself a challenge to photograph all things that caught my eye on my way back home from university. It’s the same route I take most days and as I go past the same things everyday I’ve essentially become blind to them. The aim of this “challenge” was to try and get myself to really look at things again.

Lovely shades of green and red

Actually I have a nice story to tell about my expedition: As I was photographing outside a pub that is currently undergoing renovations a man came out to talk to me. I had been just taking a picture of a lovely flower decoration and he asked me if I would want one. As they were going to take them down anyway he offered to keep one for me to pick up later on. Such a lovely offer, it really cheered up my day.

The flower decoration promised for me

The photos are taken with my phone and by the end of it I was running out of light so some of the photos are quite dark. Also I am by no means a master of photography, just a snap-happy amateur. Regardless I have to say I am loving the fact that I have a (semi-)decent camera always with me. It makes life so much easier.

Love on the pavement

I love this instruction on how to mount the bicycles in the "lockers"

Another heart and my "backyard"

Nice shade of blue and texture

A very cool car

I have to say that this was a very nice way to spend the walk back home and even though I looked a bit daft sticking my phone to weird places I greatly enjoyed it. It was also very effective in making me look at things from a new perspective. I might even make a habit of this.